Of course, you should get your wedding filmed!

That’s an easy decision.

Yes, you have a photographer and that’s great but remember that, in today’s world with all the amazing ways we tell stories to each other, video is one of the best.

Just imagine, the sheer joy laughs and tears you’ll have together in a few years when you’ll be able to sit alongside your kids when watching your wedding film together… Priceless!

I come from a photojournalism background and that’s where my approach comes from…fast paced, handheld camera, easy going and flexible. It allows me to almost film the same scene from two different angels.

My filming style combined with my editing style will give you a memorable way of looking at your wedding, during the day, you won't notice me as I slip into the background ensuring I capture all that is important while you are having fun.

With ten years’ experience in photojournalism and video productions and more than 100 weddings allows me to be your guide for the day, to keep you calm and happy and experience the day in its full glory, it’s your day and everybody is there for you.

Now, all you have to remember is to enjoy this amazing day!

So, if you think we are a good match and you would like me to film and edit your wedding day, give me a call, send me an email, we can also meet on Skype!

So, Let’s go!


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